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GTP early and KTP 1930-1
GTP - Lucas
KSS/KTS Mk I and early MOV, MAC and MSS
KSS/KTS Mk II and later MOV, MAC and MSS

Venom (Viper, MSS, MAC) - Miller Lighting Set & Switch with Miller Dynamo & AVC- (From early Venom Service Manual....but it is still the Miller 16/10/35 diagram, apart from the shape of the tail-light).
This factory diagram does not include all the coloured wires and coloured bands used on the original factory fitted wiring harness. The important ones are shown, and the rest you are just supposed to work out as you go along, I guess; like you have to adapt them between a cartridge regulator on the dynamo and its later replacement under the seat, etc.
However, Bob Higgs has drawn a manufacturing diagram for Veloce spares to have an accurate replica made of the original 'Miller Switch and Miller Dynamo' as fitted to a Venom (part number VSL351M). He used a known genuine original Venom Miller/Miller harness, which still had the original coloured 'bands' which were slipped onto some of the black wires to denote their 'colour'. The coding part of this diagram has had the dynamo and regulator connection information added, together with a diagram of the Miller headlight switch to show the connections to its terminals.
To see the result, click
HERE for an average screen sized version, or HERE for one at higher resolution and in a different orientation that will print on one full sheet of A4 or US Letter sized paper. However, printing this higher resolution diagram directly from your browser's screen will usually give a lower quality of printout. Better quality can be obtained as follows: 'copy' the image of the diagram (in Internet Explorer, give one click of the right-hand mouse button on the diagram then click 'copy'), then go to your word processor and 'paste' the diagram into a new page, where you can re-size and print it optimally.

Thruxton - Lucas Lighting Set & Switch with Miller Dynamo & AVC (from the first " Thruxton supplement to Viper/Venom Owners Handbook or Viper/Venom Service Manual"; similar to the first Lucas Lighting Set diagram below, just laid out slightly differently)

(The following Lucas diagrams should print on one sheet, though you may need to change your Printer Setup to Landscape and/or minimise your margins before printing them. Also allow a few minutes for them to download. Although they may be a little difficult to read on the screen, they should be quite readable when printed, particularly if you use the technique recommended above for printing from your word processor.)
Lucas Lighting Set & Switch with Miller Dynamo & AVC
Lucas Lighting Set & Switch with Lucas Dynamo & AVC
Lucas Lighting Set & Switch with Lucas Dynamo & AVC & Coil Ignition

Miller 08/08/27 - DM3 dynamo
Miller 16/08/29 - S.U.S with DM2 or DM3G dynamo
Miller 20/08/29 - with coil and DM3G dynamo
Miller 22/08/30 - with coil, DM3G and new-type switch
Miller 29/11/31 - with coil and DM3G dynamo
Miller 30/12/31 - with coil and D9SW
Miller 24/10/32 - with coil and DVR dynamo
Miller 26/10/32 - with coil and DM3G dynamo
Miller 16/10/35 - with DVR dynamo
Miller 25/09/45 - for flywheel magneto

Miller and Lucas had very different conventions for wiring colours. Examination of the different diagrams will illustrate differences that can be checked against the wiring loom on your bike (or whatever remains of it). However, when dynamos or light switches wore out they were often replaced by whatever was available, though the wiring loom was probably not changed. The result was a combination of components and wires that can initially cause a lot of confusion when first working on the electrics of such a Velocette.....