Technical Information

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The Velocette Parts Numbers - the system is explained by 1999/2000 Club PRO, Colin Goodwyn in a comprehensive article first published in Fishtail 299

FACTORY DESPATCH BOOK SERVICE - The VOC holds copies of all nine factory Despatch Books covering the period from 1921 until May 1951 except for the KTT, which continues until 1953. These books include Velocette models D, E, G, A, B, H, U, 32 and all their variations, also GTP, K, KSS, KTS, KTP and all their early variations and MOV, MAC, WD MAC, MSS and KTT.

Wiring Diagrams copies of most of the wiring diagrams used by Velocettes

The Following Documents Have Been Contributed By Club Members -

The Velocette Technical Database & Velocette technical forum maintained by Dai Gibbison
Dai has compiled a comprehensive database of Velocette technical data.

Computer Power a computer simulation of the power curves of the later Velocette engines contributed by Ingebrigt Valberg in October 2015

An Illustrated Guide to Engine Side Panel Fixings a Powerpoint presentation contributed by Mark Rayner in September 2012

Velocette Magazine Articles Directory contributed by Dai Gibbison and Walter Probst last updated 18 September 2001 The KTT Enthusiasts' website, managed by Rob Drury contributed by Rob Drury Owen De'Ath offers copies of 1500 original Velocette drawings contributed by Owen De'Ath
These are from 35mm negatives made during the war of part specification drawings from 1919 to 1941.
The drawing index is on Owen's website, The index can be down loaded free.
Info is also there regarding 5 speed gear clusters.

A list of all the fasteners on a typical late single..... contributed by Scottish Centre members Eric Jones and John Wheeler

1933 MOV Instruction Book - a scanned copy of a well-used original MOV Instruction Book in pdf format (click Here for a higher-resolution, 6mb version that is also suitable for printing) contributed by Ken Underwood
Information regarding some general literature about Motorcycles with special mention of Velocettes contributed by Walter Probst

Alan Cathcart "Velocette KTT Mark VIII" in "Klassische Rennmaschinen", 1993, pages 22-25, Engl. title "The Ultimate Racers", 1990

Jeff Clew "Seymour Metisse", pages 152/153 and "Velocette", pages 163-175, in "British Racing Motorcycles", 1977

Bob Currie "Velocette Model LE" and "Thruxton" in "Classic British Motor Cycles - The Final Years", 1984, pages 96-103

Guggenheim Museum "Velocette Venom" in "The Art of the Motorcycle", 1999, pages 284 / 285

Helmut Krackowizer "Velocette - Bannerträger des Einzylinder-Motors mit legendären Sporterfolgen" in "Motorräder - berühmte Marken von AJS bis Zuendapp", 1989, pages 270 - 285

Moto Journal Classique "Vie, Mort Et Resurrection Du Gros Mono - Toute l'histoire des gros monos en Angleterre et en Italie. La genealogie des monos japonais modernes."

Mick Walker "Geoff Monty's GMV", page 113, "Velocette" pages 178-187, in "British Racing Motorcycles", 1998

Ian Ward/Laurie Caddell "Velocette" in "Great British Bikes", 1991, pages 169-179

Vic Willoughby "Velocette Mk VIII KTT" in "Classic Motorcycles", 1975, pages 101-104

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