Our regular TT competitor, Tony Ainley, again represented the Velocette marque in the 2018 Manx Senior Classic TT and we look forward to reading Tony’s always entertaining account of the event in Fishtail.Dave Burrell, our other TT regular, was very unfortunately unable to qualify his Velocette owing to a combination of the need to rectify a machine fault and subsequent practice being curtailed by bad weather. This time around, we were also represented by Bill Swallow and his son Chris on a brace of Velocettes from New Zealand, described by Ivan Rhodes in his “Kiwis at the Manx” article in Fishtail 455.The Club is pleased to award Tony, Bill and Chris a contribution of £400 towards the huge expense of competing on the Island.

A total of nine Club Members competed with Velocette machines in the VMCC British Historic Racing (BHR) 2018 season, comprising Tony Ainley, Dave Burrell, Tony Green, Sam Page, Oliver Presswood, Sam Rhodes, Keith Riley, Grant Sellars and Kevin Thurston.All these Club Members qualify for the award of the Club’s donation of £40 for each of their collective total of 90 race starts, unsurprisingly slightly down on the record 2017 season of 117 starts.

The funding of the payments includes a substantial contribution from Veloce Spares Ltd.

The Club’s range of racing trophies is awarded to the most outstanding Velocette-mounted competitors over the BHR season, irrespective of whether or not they are Club Members.We are pleased to report that, this time around, all the winners were Club members.

The Dave Allcock Memorial Trophy is awarded on the basis of the highest points gained during the BHR season. The 2018 winner by a substantial margin is Tony Green, who campaigned a rigid MAC, racking up a total of 76 points.

The Arthur Lavington Trophy, awarded on the basis of the number of highest places achieved during the BHR season in the 500cc class, goes to Sam Rhodes, who raced Ivan’s MT600 to two wins and two second places.The Renee Rhodes Trophy, the 350cc equivalent of the Arthur Lavington, is taken by Tony Green, with his twelve podium places including three wins.

The Harold Willis Trophy is awarded to the most successful rider of a girder-forked machine who is not the winner of another Club trophy. The 2018 winner is Keith Riley, achieving ten podium places aboard his very quick and reliable MkII KSS.

Our grateful thanks, as always, to John Hannis for his help in compiling the analysis of the racing results.

The AGM on 14 April 2019 will include the presentation of the racing trophies and will provide an opportunity to recognise the dedication and achievements of all our racing members for the exposure they provide for the Club and for the Velocette marque.

Bill Greenwood

CLUB DIARY: September 2018 ONWARDS


The diary contains details of all Centre events except routine meetings held on regular dates. Details for those can be found on the Centre details page, or in any issue of Fishtail.

Please send events details and updates for the diary to Mike Williams at pro@velocetteowners.com

Updated 20 September 2018

Latest update: East Midlands and Dorking Centre events updated

Mike Williams


On 30 June 2018, the Executive Committee considered ways of driving down the use of cheques. Consideration was given to increasing the cost savings offered by the other payment methods, but whilst the existing discount for Standing Order payments has had some success, it was concluded that fee differentials were unlikely to provide sufficient incentive for the necessary total shift from cheque payments to the use of PayPal, online banking or Standing Orders.

It was noted that Standing Orders are often confused with Direct Debits. Direct Debits are commonly suspected of allowing funds to be extracted from an individual’s bank account without their knowledge or agreement; the Club does not use them. A Standing Order is an arrangement between only the Member and his or her bank, not involving the Club, providing for the payment to the Club of an amount specified by the Member, on a specified date. The Club has no way of influencing the amount paid or its timing and the Standing Order can be cancelled by the Member at any time without the knowledge of the Club.

The Executive Committee decided that the payment of membership subscriptions by cheque would cease to be an option on 1 July 2019.

The programme of change will be supported by items in Fishtail reminding Members of the timescale together with the details of the various alternative payment methods. Standing Orders can be set up by the Member online to the Member's bank or using forms which can be obtained from the Member’s bank, downloaded from the Club website or obtained by email or post from the Membership Secretary (Renewals), who will be pleased to assist in cases of difficulty.

Bill Greenwood

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