Alan Lawrence

I've been in the club since the mid 60's at home and overseas and am now in the Chelmsford Center .
1. KTT 932 was supplied to Jacks Motors in Johannesburg. SA in Dec 1948 and spent its life up to me acquiring it in the Port Elizabeth area. When I bought it it had not run for very nearly 50 years, but in 2010 it has been back on track again. From the history supplied, it only ever raced in 1 meeting in SA, being used mainly for weekend fun on the road.
2. My 1956 MSS scrambler has been rebuilt for road use, meaning adding a speedometer, a hooter, and raising the gearing.
3. My 61 Venom is a machine that I first owned in the 1980's and sold when I moved overseas with my job. I came across it on a charity ride 3 years ago and bought it back looking the same as it did previously.
4 The KTT Mk4 special came from Florida but was built in the late 60's by John Smith in Coventry for racing with the VMCC because would you believe, his Mk8 KTT was under the 25yr age rule and could not be used. The gentleman sat on the bike is Paul Whitehead who raced the bike in the early 70's.
  •  KTT 932

    KTT 932

  •  1956 MSS scrambler

    1956 MSS scrambler

  •  1961 Venom

    1961 Venom

  •  KTT Mk4 special

    KTT Mk4 special