Barrie James

My name is Barrie James. I am 43 years old, married with two children & living in Surrey. My interest in classic bikes has really been accumulating since childhood as my father was a motorcyclist & club level competitor in many road racing & trials events racing many times on Velocettes for long time friend Geoff Dodkin. I am very lucky that Geoff remains a good friend despite my dad passing away in 1982. The pictures are of my 1970 Thruxton, 1938 KSS MkII, 1980 MHR Ducati and modern Honda VFR800 the main addition being my recently finished Geoff Dodkin Thruxton Special. This bike is basically a road going version of Geoff's successful production racer and most likely the last Dodkin built Thruxton there will be. Any contact welcome.
  •  1970 Thruxton

    1970 Thruxton

  •  Geoff Dodkin Thruxton Special 2009

    Geoff Dodkin Thruxton Special 2009

  •  1938 KSS MkII

    1938 KSS MkII

  •  1980 MHR Ducati

    1980 MHR Ducati

  •  Honda VFR800

    Honda VFR800