Graham Baldwin

After buying the 1935 mac, which was in reasonable condition, I have replaced the Carburettor with the correct type and model which Burlem Fuels made up for me. The Magneto and ATD have been overhauled and the Dynamo checked out. The clutch needed attention but with the help of a good pal and "Norms technicallities" it now rides and performs really well for it's age. It was first registered in April 1935 as DM 9239 but a previous owner kept the number for his own gain! It now has this age related plate. Oh Dear!!!!

The 1954 Model was my second Velocette and was all done when I bought it, I took a good offer for it but regretted selling it soon afterwards.

My first Velocette, when I was 17 in 1957, was a 1948 Rigid/teles Mac which was on solo gears but had a lovely Watsonian Windsor single seat sidecar attached. It went ilke smoke and was fun to handle.