Ian Soady

Me: 58 years old, always had at least one bike in the shed (mainly Nortons) for the last 35 years. As I live only half a mile from York Road in Hall Green, I felt it was time to investigate the Velocette mystique, and so far haven't regretted a minute of it. My other current bike is a 2004 Triumph Tiger 955i.

Bike: 1955 Viper with a 1961 engine. I suspect that it didn't leave the factory as a Viper as 1955 would be a bit early, and the frame is also lacking the sidecar mounts which I believe all Vipers and Venoms had (not that I have any intention of fitting a chair). Possibly a MAC frame? Almost completely standard apart from a Lucas E3L dynamo and V-Reg regulator which I fitted to replace the Alton which was on the bike when I bought it in May this year (2007). It's happy to maintain a steady 65-70mph with my substantial frame aboard, but does like to be wound up in the gears. I've only done around 500 miles on it so far, mostly around the Cotswolds and the Vale of Evesham. Oh, and it starts third kick every time - first kick when hot.
  •  1955 Viper with a 1961 engine

    1955 Viper with a 1961 engine