John Bridgen

1. 1965 Thruxton. I have had this machine since 1973 and am the third owner since it left Alec  Bennett's in September 1965. It is early enough to have all the Tickle bits  fitted. Original spec. was blue with no fairing, but in my time it has been  black then back to blue. I have not modified it for unleaded fuel, but run  it on a 50/50 mix of unleaded and avgas and it goes very well.

2. 1963 Viper Just an ordinary Viper I have had since 1978. It came to me as the previous  owner saw I had the Thruxton. It came chopped and coloured pink and blue!

3. 1938 MSS I obtained this a couple of years ago, complete but heavily rusted, as it had  stood unused since 1957 when it was last taxed. As far as I am aware it  always ran with a sidecar. Restoration is not totally to original as I used  stainless for all fixings including the rear light, a copy of which I could  not find anywhere else.

I am tempted to make it a KTS as I have always yearned for a camshaft model.

  •  1965 Thruxton

    1965 Thruxton

  •  1963 Viper

    1963 Viper

  •  1938 MSS

    1938 MSS