John Hackney

Last year (2013) after a lapse of over 50 years I decided I would like to own a Velocette again ,this has now become an obsession, I now have 8 bikes 4 of them Velocettes all with matching numbers.
Now in my mid 70's it was quite an ordeal riding a motorcycle again but it soon comes back and becomes enjoyable.
I have ridden all my bikes mainly down the country lanes around where I live.
My next bike will be a Venom if I can get a mortgage out or win the lottery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  •  Viper 1960

    Viper 1960

  •  Mac 1959

    Mac 1959

  •  Valiant Veeline 1958

    Valiant Veeline 1958

  •  Le 1962 mk3

    Le 1962 mk3