Mike Hamilton

I started Veloing 50 years ago on an LE but that only lasted 2 days! 1972 saw me acquire Venom 185 LTJ a 1959 model. Where is she now? That started a very active Velo riding and Club era that lasted into the early 80's before wife and children put paid to all but cursory by comparison motorcycling. My last Velo a 1930's incomplete MSS was sold in 1991. I always hankered after a Velo again but not until recent retirement and downsizing property wise did the possibility become real.

But what to buy? Of all my Velos the one that I had most affection for looking back was my 1951 Rigid/Tele MAC NRL 656. Where is she now> I know the number is now on a car. In 1976 I rode this bike nearly 3000 miles in 3 weeks to the FIM rally in Lublin, Poland in 1976. That was approx. 50 miles from the then USSR border. The machine never missed a beat.

The closest I could find was this MAC from Kent via Ebay. It was with great delight that I drove it to the Lancs centre this last Friday 12th June. After a 33 year gap there were still people I knew! I was privileged to be Centre Secretary for a year or two in the 70's.

  •  Velocette MAC

    Velocette MAC