Fishtail is the Journal of the Velocette Owners Club

A5 format, usually 64 pages. Published eight times a year. Copies are mailed directly to all current members and copies can also be downloaded from within the Members Area.
As well as club news and events, our small ads reach in excess of 3,000 Velocette enthusiasts and a “wanted” ad (available only to members) can sometimes find those essential components to complete a restoration. Got something to sell and not a member? We accept relevant “for sale” ads from anybody. Nearly every issue contains invaluable technical advice and reference information.

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Deadlines for all contributions (adverts, articles, letters, etc.):
Issue Copy Deadline Doormat Date Additional info
489 06–Dec-2022 01-Jan-2023 (64 pages)
490 17-Jan-2023 10–Feb-2023 (64 pages)
491 07-Mar-2023 31-Mar-2023 (64 pages)
492 25-Apr-2023 19-May-2023 (96 pages AGM edition)
493 6-Jun-2023 30-Jun-2023 (64 pages)
494 25-Jul-2023 18-Aug-2023 (64 pages)
495 5-Sep-2023 29-Sep-2023 (64 pages)
496 24-Oct-2023 17-Nov-2023 (96 pages Xmas edition)
497 5-Dec-2023 31-Dec-2023 (64 pages)
498 23-Jan-2024 16-Feb-2024 (64 pages)
499 5-Mar-2024 2-Apr-2024 (64 pages)
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